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I know for his fans, it's way too late..but I just found out not so long ago about him, and thought I should write about him to show that I really like him and of course to remember him.
I just started watching Scrap Teacher this month because I just started get addicted to Chinen and Yama-chan. At first, I don't like Sawatari Misaki character which played by Takahata Misaki from B.I.Shadow at the moment. Then, throughout the drama, I started to like him and fall for him also -well, not as much as I love Chii and Yama-chan, but I love him- so I search things about him on the internet. How shocked I was when I found out that he was a former member of B.I.Shadow that I knew from NYC Boys. And the most shocking for me was that he already quit Johnny's. And so, I was: "oh no, I'm way too late. How am I supposed to find more about him now?"
Thankfully, there's some community that shares lot of things about him. Here at LJ, there's B.I.Shadow community. And there's also special community for Misaki kun on Crunchyroll. And so, I'm able to find his videos when he's still at Johnny's. Oh, and of course I must thank ryo_anne (LJ ) for subbing and sharing Misaki's videos. It really helps to ease my disappointment for not be able to like him from the start.

I read about how he quit Johnny's to focus more on his school, but actually I think it's really strange how he quit and B.I.Shadow suddenly debut with Yuma just after he left. Well, of course it's good to focus more on school, but if he really as smart as it says on the stories I read about him, then it should be no problem if he stays with BIS. I mean, look at Chinen, he's so busy with HSJ and NYC but he still able to have perfect grades. ^^

Well, whatever the reason is, I wish him the best for his life. But of course I still wish he will come back to entertainment world when he finished his school.

Happy Birthday to Aragaki Yui

Happy 22nd birthday to Gakky   ^__________^

best wishes for her

* I'm not usually doing this, but since I'm trying to be more active in my journal now and Gakky is one of my favorite Japanese, so I made that greeting picture.
well, I'm not good enough with photoshop though, so that's how it turns out


Stories that I Like (Japanese drama)

I like stories about high school life or maybe I should say youth drama (and of course with love story in it)..it has been my favorite since elementary years..I used to read manga about it. And that's probably why I like such drama as Hana Kimi, Gokusen, HaYoDa, Dragon Zakura, Dance Drill, H2, Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu, and many more...

But now, I think I'm into lot more genre...probably because I'm not a teenager anymore.  Dramas abut some people life is really nice to watch..such as Code Blue and Tomorrow which tell about hospital life...  I think dramas can give us a lesson for life too... Right now..I really loved watching Sunao Ni Narenakute, it's somehow too complex..but it's a really nice story. It's still airing now in Japan..I've only watch 4 episodes now, but it already tells a lot... It's about sharing tweets on twitter and become friends, although they only sharing stories on twitter like that but they'd become real life friends and helping each other. It's nice though I don't believe that such friendship can happen in real life.
Such drama like Smile is nice too, about a man who discriminate by others, struggles to find a happy ending, wanting to open a restaurant with multi-cuisine, where people from any place, any race would sit together and eat, and won't discriminate others.
Also, I lke this drama I'm currently watching..Ghost Friends...I know it's not real, but such love story is somehow nice and touching. Stories about impossible love is always make me touched and cried. Some may think I'm a fool, but I think it is a nice story for lots of girls. ^^p
Always hate bad endings, but I guess we can't always hope for a happy ending.

So, my favorite type of dramas would be... Love story, comedy, fantasy, family, animal (mostly dogs), youth, high school, hospital, and many more...I guess Japanese dramas is always make me like 'em in some points...

Ghost Friends [ゴーストフレンズ ]


  • Genre: Horror, fantasy, comedy
  • Episodes: 10
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-02 to 2009-Jun-04
  • Theme song: Aitai by Yuzu


  • Fukuda Saki  as  Kamiya Asuka
  • Nishijima Takahiro  as  Hayami Kaito
  • Okada Yoshinori  as  Shinjo Tatsumi (Asuka's teacher)
  • Iriyama Noriko  as  Hongo Misora
  • Misaki Ayame  as  Aoyama Miku
  • Ai  as  Yui
  • Katase Nana  as  Ono Ayaka
  • Kawakubo Takuji  as  Nagai Takumi
  • Shibuya Asuka  as  Shibata Nao
  • Irie Jingi  as  Kamiya Takeshi (Asuka's little brother)
  • Tomochika  as  Kamiya Shoko (Asuka's mother)
  • Moto Fuyuki  as  Kamiya Kotaro (Asuka's father)
  • Wanibuchi Haruko  as Anna (elder ghost)
  • Arai Moe  as  Kei (teenage ghost - episode 7)
  • Oohira Natsumi  as  Kei's sister (episode 7)

I started watching this drama yesterday. I watched the first 4 episodes yesterday, and another 4 today, there's still 2 episodes left.
Not done yet, but I loved this drama from the 1st episode. I think I know where this story would end..but I'll see it tomorrow.
The reason I'm interested in this drama is the title. Somehow I'm curious about this drama when I saw the title. Then from the moment I read the synopsis on the wiki, I decided that I want to watch it. I love watching love story where it's impossible for the couple to be together. I hate it though when it ends badly. But it's nice to watch anyway... :p

By the way, when I'm interested in this drama, I didn't know any of the cast in it except for Irie Jingi whom I know from Zettai Kareshi and Gokusen The Movie. But then, I like the 2 main cast Fukuda Saki and Nishijima Takahiro. Nishi is somewhat cute. Then I knew that he's a member of AAA. I don't know any of their song. So far, I only know 'Chewing Gum'. I'll find more and try to decide to love them or not. But I like Nishi already. ^^p

Oh..almost forgot. I like the theme song too.
I think it fits the drama nicely, specially the 1st part with this words: mou ichido, anata ni aitai


Finished watching it on May 21st, and my opinion is... I don't like the ending for the love story. Although they weren't supposed to be together from the start, but it could have a better parting story. I can't really tell if Kaito really love Asuka or not. He looked like he loved Misora very much in the end.

Watched Dorama & Eiga

2nd post...I will write all dorama and eiga that I've watched or planning to watch so I can remember it all. Hopefully I won't forget any...Some that I only watch a little will not be written here though...

Here it goes...

doramaCollapse )

eigaCollapse )

How I Loved Dorama...

I never write before and I honestly don't know what to write in a public journal like this when I join LJ. But I think it would be nice to write something about dorama on my first time since I loved them so much.

The first dorama I've watched is...well, i forgot which one exactly 'coz it's been a long time. But I think it was 'Anything For You'. There was Tokyo Love Story, Under the Same Roof, and few others but I can't remember. The thing is, none of those dorama is completed. Well, I was a kid back then, and not that addicted to dorama, not yet... ^^p

I stopped watching dorama coz the channel that used to broadcast it has stopped. Then, on high school, it started again. Not for long though, coz they prefer to broadcast Mandarin and Korean drama. There was Itazura na Kiss, Majou no Joken, and Strawberry on the Shortcake.
Finally on my college years, I'm truly fall in love with dorama. Started from watching some borrowed ones like Pride, Dragon Zakura, Hana Yori Dango. Then, it continues 'til now. The first reason I fall in love with dorama was probably the actors and actresses. Loved their looks..lol... ;p
Then, I realized that I loved the stories too. Japanese dramas are in some way more interesting for me than Taiwanese or Korean. Don't get me wrong, I loved them too, but dorama are my #1. ^^