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Another Dog Story

Can't believe it's almost 3 months...

A lot of things happened since Bonkie's incident, I only have 1 dog now, but that's probably the best thing.. I mean too many pets can be a trouble sometimes if you don't really have time/money to always care for them...

So my only pet now is actually Bonkie's daughter, Kyubi (NOTE: her name is not actually related to Naruto's 9 tailed fox, although I do love watching Naruto at the time I gave that name, but the idea wasn't exactly from the anime..it's complicated...XD)
She'll be 3 years old in February (that's really soon!! ^^), but I still feel like she was just born some months ago, she's so cute, so funny..she can really be hyperactive at some times...she even can climb fences (or I should say she loves it)...

I don't know why but her heart rate is so fast compared to any other dogs I ever touched and she's easily shocked too, I mean when she hears something or touched suddenly, it's like her heart jump out or something...

And so, I want to write this thing that happened at New Year eve before...
Like in many places, so many people around here celebrating New Year by shooting fireworks, and since dogs ears are really sensitive, Kyubi looked so stress and panic all night..she's so shocked by the fireworks sound and so scared that she hide under the shoes-shelf...it shocked me too seeing that she can fit under that shelf...
Well, I can't blame people to want to shoot fireworks at New Year eve, but so many fireworks all night and it's everywhere, I can actually see them in any direction from my house...it was never like that in previous years...
I was just wondering at the time, why can't these people do it in one place at one times? I mean there's an empty field nearby and they could gathered there and shoot all the fireworks there just after the countdown... (˘_˘")
Well, I hope next New Year eve won't be any worse than this year...poor Kyubi..and poor all the animals... (if fireworks can make dogs so stressful like that, I can't imagine how people and animals would feel at war zone...)



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Feb. 9th, 2011 04:25 pm (UTC)
Oh, poor Kyubi, it must have been really horrible for her.
Even people sometimes cannot bear with the sound of fireworks being shot all around at the New Year's eve, so I can't imagine how she felt with her sensitive eyers.
It seems bad now that fireworks have become available for public use. They seemed to be much more beautiful and less frightening when there was a lack of them, ne...
Feb. 19th, 2011 11:39 am (UTC)
Yes, it was horrible to see her frightened all night like that... :(
Even I was shocked too when some big ones being shot and that night the air smelled horrible too because of all that fireworks...

I'm so agree with you, they were so much beautiful and less frightening in the past... I think fireworks shouldn't become so available like that... I know in some countries they even have banned fireworks for good...
It's really so much better to watch fireworks on tv these days...
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