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Boku to Kanojo no XXX

Title: 僕と彼女の XXX
Also known as: Your and My Secret
Episodes: 7
Broadcast period: 2006 ---> ??


High schooler Nanako Momoi may be petite and adorable, but she is far from sweet, she is obnoxious, violent and has the table manners of a wild boar. Akira Uehara, a dainty, feminine boy has, for some mysterious reason, developed quite a crush on her. One day, Akira stumbles upon Nanako's grandfather, a man best described as a mad scientist. He is performing an experiment on Nanako, but Akira manages to get in the way and suddenly finds that he and Nanako have switched bodies. Akira, the now dainty and feminine female, is desperate to get back into his old body, especially after one of his long-time friends starts flirting with him. Switching back may prove difficult, though. It looks like Nanako is starting to enjoy life as a guy.


Takahashi Mai as Momoi Nanako
Shioya Shun as Uehara Akira
Fujisawa Taigo as Senbongi Shunsuke
Suzuki Akie / Nakamura Chise as Shiina Makoto ---> ???


I just finished this drama recently. One word to describe it: "strange". I don't know much about this drama or the cast because it's hard to find any info about it. It's just a 15 minutes or so per episodes. It is amusing sometimes to watch how the soul of a girl and a boy is switched but it didn't look like that at all because the girl is actually violent and the boy is feminine, but overall it's kinda boring, maybe that's why they made it to a 15 minutes long only.
I've read that this drama also have a movie version (or SP??) in 2005, but there's not much info about that either so I don't know if it's true. I don't even know which is the real cast for Shiina Makoto character.

Well, anyway, I just thought that I should update my journal once in a while even if I'm busy with some real life problem now.
It's more fun to be a student, really~


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