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YABAII~lately I'm getting more and more addicted to ARASHI~❤
*yeah, I know how late I am, I was too focused on JUMP after I "found" them that I'm ignoring other idols (even the ones I like before JUMP)~not completely ignoring but still... XD

This is all started because I watched VIP Room of Kitagawa Keiko (which I'm a big fan of), after that I watched another VIP Room, it was Kanjiya Shihori (Buzzer Beat~ XD)...and then I'm unconciously started to get addicted, at first I'd only watched HnA episodes with my favorite actresses as guest but then I just can't get enough of them and wanting more and MORE and MORE of them~❤

I LOVE them all so much because they're too wonderful~♥♥
I can't even find the right words to describe how wonderful they are, I just LOVE them SO MUCH... TOO MUCH...
I don't just love their looks talents, but also their personalities, every one of them~♥♥♥♥♥
*though I'm annoyed by some of Nino's comments a lot at first~ XD  ..I was like "What the?" "You're too noisy!" "You talked too much!" ..I thought he's the least person I like from ARASHI~ XD  ...BUT, then I realized, he talked and commenting much because he's caring and actually paying attention to other people and after re-watched some addicting episodes I realize how his comments actually meant for good purposes, like defending someone or changing the subject from an awkward (dangerous) situations. Realizing that, I get kinda "addicted to his comments" as well (though it's still a bit annoying and too harsh sometimes~ XD)

Anyway, they really make me feel "what a true idol" as a group or individually. They are truly are an amazing idol~♥♥♥
It's really hard to say who is my ichiban, but the personality I love best is Sho-kun~♥♥

NOTES : I'm not leaving JUMP fandom, I still LOVE JUMP ^^
but yeah, I guess I AM changing my ichiban fandom, I kinda get stressed out in JUMP fandom because there's too many hard-headed fans causing too many headaches. I kinda get it when Miia-san leaving her position as admin in hey_say because she didn't want to end up hating the fandom (though I'm sure that my headaches are nothing compares to hers).
And ARASHI... the member, the fandom, they're just different~ Yeah, of course there are some hard-headed fans as well but not that many compared to JUMP fandom. And I guess this is also the result from restraining myself too much from ARASHI (I really actually did, like in collecting their harddrives-killer videos, buying goodies), in the end I just can't hold it anymore and kinda "explode" XDD


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